Aug 08 2023

Excellence in Innovation Recognized at Tech Connect Conference

MicroSilicon innovation was recognized at Technology Event in Washington, DC

HOUSTON, TEXAS, Aug 08, '23 — MicroSilicon once again recognized for excellence in innovation. MicroSilicon is a Houston-based start-up with a global footprint that has been launching a series of digital flow assurance products since 2018. Their Quantum RF Asphaltene Analyzer was nominated for Best Digital Transformation by World Oil in 2018 and the Quantum RF Vision software was nominated for a World Oil New Horizons award in 2021. The overall development of the project has received worldwide recognition including Best Research Awards from ADIPEC (twice) and iChemE in 2021.

In June 2023, MicroSilicon received yet further recognition after being accepted to present at the prestigious Tech Connect 2023. To an audience of over thirty potential investors, Dr John Lovell, VP for Technology, gave a well-received presentation entitled “Real-Time Paramagnetic Sensing for Oil Field Optimization and Process Control”. The pitch included a request for funding to significantly enhance the hyperfine capabilities of its Quantum RF Asphaltene Analyzer.

For over 20 years, the TechConnect World Innovation Conference and Expo has connected top applied research and early-stage innovations from universities, labs, and startups with industry end-users and prospectors. The 2023 TechConnect World Innovation event included the annual SBIR/STTR Innovation Conference, AI TechConnect, and the TechConnect Technical Program - more than 35 world-class technical symposium, and the Nanotech Conference Series – the world's largest and longest running nanotechnology event. Through these joint programs, TechConnect has published over 10,000 technical papers, connected over 20,000 innovations with industry partners, provided prospecting to most all Fortune 500 technology companies, and supported most every U.S. Science and Technology agency including the National Nanotechnology Initiative since its inception.

A small number of invitees to the conference were then selected to receive a further award on Excellence in Innovation. The picture shows John receiving his award from Dr Martin Poitzsch, the Leader of Aramco’s Reservoir Engineering Technologies Team at Boston Research Center. As a result of this selection, John has now been invited to give a keynote presentation at the 2024 event which will, amongst other things, expose MicroSilicon’s technology to yet more potential investors.

The premise of the presentation was that while asphaltene is a known paramagnetic species within crude oil, there are numerous other paramagnetic species in production and refining space and that a real-time measurement of paramagnetism in hostile environments forms a natural platform to expand sensing in to process control and is a natural extension of cloud-based IoT technology to real-time chemical measurements.

About MicroSilicon
MicroSilicon is the world's innovation leader for real-time fluid characterization using electromagnetic and quantum chemical technology at the wellhead and for which they won, or have been nominated for, multiple industry awards, including Rice Alliance Startup, SPE ATCE Best-in-Show, World Oil (twice), iChemE, ADIPEC (twice) and most recently S&P Global Energy. They are now developing a range of flow assurance products and services as well as miniaturization of downhole sensing microchips.


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